Race Information

Please take time to acquaint yourself with the OLT race instructions below. The full race information pack can be found in pdf in the right hand column.

Leybourne Lakes Country Park

The Country Park is a public area and you must always be courteous to other park users. Directions to the country park can be found here and a map can be found here.


Please do not drop litter on the roads or the park.


There are male and female toilets in the main car park. There will be a portable toilet near the transition area.


Registration will take place on the day of the race.

On a Sunday, registration will open at 06:00 and will close at 07:00.

On a Wednesday, registration will open at 18:00 and will close at 18:45.

The registration desk will be located at the transition area. Signs will direct you from the main car park. Registration will close 15 minutes before the race start time.

Race Briefing

A race briefing will be conducted 15 minutes before the race start time.

Race Start Time

Our Sunday Sprint races start at 07:30 and our aquathon races start at 19:00.

Race Timing

Our Sunday triathlons are chip timed and your chip will be issued to you at the registration desk. The Wednesday aquathons are manually timed. At registration you will be numbered on your arm and leg. For the aquathons your race number must be shouted loudly to the timekeeper when passing through transition.

Transition Area

The transition area is located at the Water Sport Centre. This area will be marshalled and competitors will only be allowed in the transition enclosure after they have registered and been numbered.


Please remember to wear a brightly coloured swim cap at all times in the water.

If this is your first event or you are not familiar with open water swimming please inform the Race Official at registration.

Should you require urgent assistance in the water, please turn onto your back and raise your arm to raise the attention of the safety boat.

Transition 1

Bike helmets must be fastened before removing your bike from the rack and not be unfastened until the bike is racked on return from the cycle. You must not ride your bike around the transition area. Any competitor not complying with these instructions will receive a time penalty.


The bike course starts by crossing the wooden bridge to the gravel access road. You will pass over a few speed bumps on leaving the Country Park - please take care when passing over the speed bumps.

This is not a closed road route so it is very important for your safety that you have awareness and consideration of other road users and members of the public at all times. Road laws must be obeyed at all times and you must keep left, near to the curb at all times and only pass others when it is safe to do so for both yourself an others.

The route is marshalled at key points and will be signposted.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to safely navigate the course. Failure to obey marshal or police instructions or not to obey the rules of the road could result in police prosecution. In the event of an emergency or equipment breakdown please make your way to the nearest marshall.  If you pass a competitor in difficulty, please report this to the next marshal and give your race number.

This is a draft illegal race. Anyone reported drafting may receive a time penalty for the offence.

When finishing the bike leg please dismount your bike at the speed ramp.

Transition 2

Please re-rack your bike, then remove your helmet before commencing the run section.


This is a public park and discretion must be given to members of the public. Run to the left of the path with the lake on your left this will allow the public to pass on the other side of the path. Be aware of the sudden movement and change of direction of dogs that may not be controlled on a lead.

Please ensure that you follow the signs and marshal instructions.